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HSC Maths Standard 2 Course

This video post provides overview of NSW Year 12 Maths Standard 2 course on StudyNinja platform. This course is designed after doing the analysis of each and every topic in HSC exam and then a lot of effort has been put on making its design strategic so that students can learn more in less time. The questions are designed in view of the syllabus and keeping in view the difficulty level of past exams. 

Feel free to look at the past exam insights that we are sharing in our HSC Standard Math blog which would help you get a feel of the analysis that has been done in designing this course and hopefully it will bring efficiency and time-saving to your studies. If you are interested, you can sign-up without credit card here for a free first chapter of the course to try it out and only if you are happy you can purchase it which is only $30 for this term.


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