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7.1 Exam Question Type 1

We have broken down questions in terms of the amount of work they ask you to do. So, in this category we have categorized questions that are relatively straight-forward. In terms of solving them, you can only get better by practicing these kinds of questions more and more.

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Relevant Past Exam Questions

The following are relevant past exam questions:

(Note: The links will direct you to relevant question in the file on PC only NOT mobile)

2016Q27a, 2018Q152010Q22015Q15, 2019Q7, 2015Q3, 2016Q20, 2017Q6, 2018Q8, 2018Q21, 2010Q23a, 2011Q23a, 2012Q27a, 2014Q27a(i), 2016Q26e

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Possible Variations

Past exam questions above cover a wide variety. Focus on the ability to see question in parts and practice different types of questions to get more exposed to variety of ways these can be asked.

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