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6.3.1 Exam Question Type 1

Questions appear both in part 1 and part 2. Most complicated questions that appear from this entire section include volume calculations in them especially ones as part of a scenario (like 2016Q28e).

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Relevant Past Exam Questions

The following are relevant past exam questions:

(Note: The links will direct you to relevant question in the file on PC only NOT mobile)

2011Q1, 2012Q62013Q122013Q25, 2015Q8, 2016Q12, 2017Q18, 2017Q22, 2018Q13, 2019Q16, 2018Q30a, 2017Q30e, 2016Q30a, 2011Q23d, 2014Q27c, 2015Q29c(ii), 2016Q28e

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HSC Maths Standard 2019 Question 16 - StudyNinja

by StudyNinja (click to view channel)

Solves Question 16 from Maths Standard 2019 HSC exam (Shapes).

Possible Variations

Past exam questions provide good variety of ways these questions can be asked especially when it comes to part 1 of exam. Scenario-type questions (like 2015Q29c(ii) and 2016Q28e) have most potential to be asked in many different ways so you should focus your attention on them if you have more time to spare on this topic.

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