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6.2.1 Exam Question Type 1

Most of the questions appear in part 1 of the exam where the shapes have potential to get complicated as multiple shapes are joined together, and you need to determine the area formed by them. Slightly harder variations of these questions appear in part 2 where these shapes can be part of a more practical scenario (like 2018Q27c and 2015Q29c(i)) and you need to work on answering what is asked.

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Relevant Past Exam Questions

The following are relevant past exam questions:

(Note: The links will direct you to relevant question in the file on PC only NOT mobile)

2010Q19, 2012Q222012Q252013Q16, 2013Q19, 2013Q22, 2014Q12, 2014Q25, 2016Q26a, 2015Q28a, 2015Q26f, 2015Q29c(i), 2018Q27c, 2020Q25

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Possible Variations

Past exam questions provide good variety of ways these questions can be asked. There haven’t been many instances of scenario-based questions (like 2018Q27c and 2015Q29c(i)) in the past which you should focus your attention if you have more time to spare on this topic.

Browse: 1. Home  »  6. Shapes  »  6.2 Area  »  6.2.1 Exam Question Type 1