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4.4.1 Exam Question Type 1

Right-angled triangle and non-right-angled triangles are combined in these types of questions.

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Relevant Past Exam Questions

Following are relevant past exam questions:

(Note: The links will direct you to relevant question in the file on PC only NOT mobile)

2013Q24, 2019Q22, 2010Q24d, 2012Q29c, 2015Q30e, 2018Q30c

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Possible Variations

  • Many variations possible but as mentioned above focus on the art of breaking question down into small parts.
  • Can you see how similar questions 2013Q24 and 2010Q24d are even though on the face they look different? For a start they both have same shape (one is inverted). At their core they both are asking you to do same thing, you are given some information in one right-angled triangle and one non-right-angled triangle and are either asked length or angle.
  • Take another example, 2012Q29c, 2018Q30c and 2019Q22 are quite similar too and not different to the two questions in previous bullet point. There is one triangle next to another either a right-angled triangle next to another right-angled triangle or non-right-angled triangle next to right-angled triangle. On this base diagram and with some given information, question is asked. Not hard to imagine variation with two non-right-angled triangles or even more than two triangles but the art of solving remains unchanged.


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