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3. Probability

Probability is the second favourite topic of examiners. You are almost certain to expect a question from this topic as seen in the overview section. In 2020 exam, one question appeared from this topic which is slightly unusual (2020Q15). This section covers following parts of the syllabus:

 MS-S2 Relative Frequency and Probability

Probability questions have appeared extensively in the exams over years which means if you practice all the past exam questions well enough, you should be exposed to wide variety of ways questions can be asked. Questions can get tricky when they involve multiple outcomes from more than one event so the skill to master is the skill of correctly listing down outcomes and calculating their probabilities.

Typically, questions can be asked either by giving you a situation in descriptive form or by giving you tables/charts of possible outcomes or giving you a tree or enough information for you to draw one. The infographic below shows all the past exam questions from 2010 to 2020 relevant to this topic sorted by difficulty level and further broken down into sub-topics. This will form the foundation of our study as we would like you to focus first on the easy questions and quickly develop skills to get those easy marks and then challenge yourself with the harder ones.

There are three sub-sections you need to focus:

3.1 From Description

3.2 Tables/Charts

3.3 Trees

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