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3.2 Tables/Charts

This section is a further extension of the previous one as there is nothing new to learn in terms of the basics; the only difference is that in the previous section, questions are asked in descriptive forms, but here all the information is presented in the form of tables or charts. This adds potential for more complexities as more information can be squeezed into them, which can make up for potentially difficult questions. Make sure the basics from the previous section are strong as they will come in handy.

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Example 1

In an experiment, standard six-sided die was rolled 100 times with results shown below:





What is the probability of not obtaining 3?

There are broadly 3 types of questions you can expect in exam:

3.2.1 Exam Question Type 1

3.2.2 Exam Question Type 2

3.2.3 Exam Question Type 3

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Browse: 1. Home  »  3. Probability  »  3.2 Tables/Charts