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2. Data & Graphs

If there is one place you need to start studying for this exam, it is this place. You are almost certain to expect a question from this topic as seen in the overview section. In 2020 exam, two questions appeared from this topic (2020Q72020Q28). This topic covers following part of the syllabus:

MS-S1 Data Analysis

The infographic below shows all the past exam questions from 2010 to 2020 relevant to this topic sorted by difficulty level and further broken down into sub-topics. This will form the foundation of our study as we would like you to focus first on the easy questions and quickly develop skills to get those easy marks and then challenge yourself with the harder ones.

There are three sub-sections you need to focus:

2.1 Basic Stats

2.2 Data Categorization

2.3 Graphs

Browse: 1. Home  »  2. Data & Graphs

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