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2.3.3 Combinations

For any given topic in syllabus, questions are not always asked in isolation from only one topic. Sometimes questions are a blend of multiple topics from syllabus. These kind of questions are usually the hardest to tackle as you have to breakdown the question and think different aspects of the question in parts. 2019Q39 is an example of such question where the question had frequency table and box-whisker in the same question. By the time you reach these questions, it is best to have your basic skills sharpened which will help in answering these questions as they are nothing more than a combination of the basic skills you have already learnt.

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Relevant Past Exam Questions

The following are relevant past exam questions:

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HSC Maths Standard 2019 Question 39 - StudyNinja

by StudyNinja (click to view channel)

Solves Question 39 from Maths Standard 2019 HSC exam. (Data & Graphs)

Possible Variations

Any of the basics learnt in this section can be combined to form this kind of question. Expose yourself more to these kind of questions and more than just looking at the solution focus on the process of seeing these questions as blocks of basics you learnt.

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